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Achieve the highest security with Mul-T-Lock

Choose from the security industry's leading brands

  • Mul-T-Lock, Schlage, D&D Technologies

  • Corbin, Norton, LCN, Kaba, Ilco

  • Falcon, Simplex

  • Marshall Best, Von Duprin, CompX and more!

Create a master key for master control

Build a master key system for your business and control the access of certain locks based on the duties of your employees. For example, you may want a grand master key that unlocks every lock on the premise, or a master office key that only opens lock in the office area.

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Mul-T-Lock is the industry's leader in quality, pick resistance, and security against physical break-ins.  Your Mul-T-Lock keys cannot be duplicated without authorization, so you can be certain that your keys are only being used by those authorized to use them.


With a simple installation, you can greatly increase your security with an Interactive+ system by Mul-T-Lock. This system allows you to control access of key duplication and authorizations with high quality pick, bump and drill resistant locks.


Know exactly when, where, and who accessed any lock with Mul-T-Lock's CLIQ system, the next integrative level of security.  Easily reprogram keys for these electromechanical locks with audit trail capability that is complete with time stamps.

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